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I’m a manager at a pretzel bakery. It was a busy Saturday afternoon when a customer comes up and asks for a jumbo pretzel and cheese sauce. No problem. I get th jumbo pretzel for the customer and and then if they would like to add a drink. The customer declines th drink and I proceed to ask if they want cheddar or nacho cheese. The customer just says yes. The customer proceeds to pay for the purchase and I start bagging the food when I ask again if they want cheddar or nacho. The customer looks at me and says cheese. At this point I explain that the business has two flavors of cheese. Nacho which is spicy and a cheddar that is more mild. The customers looks at me amd says she just wants cheese. I again repeat the options and starts huffing under her breath and says whatever give me whatever. I ended up giving her cheddar because she would not tell me what she wanted.

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