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Title:Less dusk and more sun

(A little bit of background:I’m a 20 year old girl.My grandmother is from Romania but came to America in 1961.She met my grandpa I 1962 and married a ear later.They opened a little restaurant soon after.I’m very pale,my left eyes is brown while my right eye is green,my voice is deep yet femining and my canines are quite long and sharp.I’ve heard my fair share of vampire jokes.I’m in a bookstore waiting behind a guy and his girlfriend who appear to be in their 20’s.The guy is quite muscular and hairy and the girl looks like the stereotypical valleygirl.I see their purchases include the entire Twilight book series and a few of magazines.)
Girl:Oh,I just love these books.Stephanie Meyers is a true literacy genius.
(My friend is an English major so it caught him off-guard.)
My friend:Not to sound rude but I think the word you’re looking for is literary not literacy.
Girl:Same thing.
(He can’t help himself.I think we all know what’s coming next.)
My friend:Actually “Literacy” refers to the ability to read.
Guy:*fist raised*Are you saying my girlfriend can’t read?I’m sure she’s more smart than you [nasty slur for latinos]!
Girl:Aw,that’s my little werewolf!
Me:You two knock it off!He wasn’t calling your girl dumb,he just corrected her.And FYI,it’s “smarter” not “more smart”.
Guy:Oh yeah?*turns to me*I doubt you c*** can do anything against me.Anything to say b****?!
(The girl takes good look at me while twirling her hair.She has this deer in the headlights look.I’m dressed in jeans and a black hoodie.She grabs her boyfriend’s fist and tries to calm him down.)
Girl:Sweetie,I think we should just apologize and leave.
Girl:*Whispering but still audible*I think this b**** is a vampire!
Me:Well,aren’t you clever.No one figures my secret before It’s too late.
Guy:Bull-s***!Prove it!
Me:Ask and you shall receive.
(I dig through my purse to find a picture of my grandparents on the opening day of their restaurant.My grandfather is 25 in this picture while my grandmother is 20 in the picture.People often say I look like her twin.)
(The look at the picture and take a step back.)
Me:That man,is my sire.I was 20 when that was taken.It’s funny really,I left Romania to get away from them but I eventually became one.
(I show my long canines and they take another step back,hitting the cashier’s desk.)
My friend:Need help?
Girl:*to my friend*Can you help us?
My friend:I wasn’t talking to you.I wouldn’t want to face my mistress’ anger.
(We used to take acting classes together so we’re a pretty good team.)
Girl:You’re one of them?
My friend:Not yet.
Me:I already ate today but I wouldn’t mind a little snack.Werewolf blood makes me sick but I think your vanilla scented skin would be lovely to feel with my fangs.Know what I’m saying?The sweet metallic taste on my tongue?
Girl:I…uh…but my books…
Me:Don’t believe everything you read,child.Now pay for your stuff and leave before my patience runs out.
(They pay and dash out of the almost empty store.Some of the other patrons were laughing.)
My friend:Thank you,my lady.
Me:Why do I always have to solve your problems?

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