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Me: “Hello my name is Alice, and thank you for calling. Are you having a maintenance emergency?”

Customer: “No”

Me: “Oh, well that’s a good thing then. Unfortunately for non-emergencies, I have to ask you to call the office during our next business hours.” (This really is the script provided by the company)

Customer: “No. I tried submitting my request online it won’t work.”

Me; “I’m sorry sir. This is the answering service for maintenance emergencies and I’m afraid that non-emergencies wouldn’t get sent to anyone during the next office hours. They just don’t have a regular answering service.”

Customer: (Goes on a rant about horrible websites and customer service)

Me: “Well, if this is urgent I can notify the on-call manager”

Customer provides pertinent info like name, phone number, address. Then the emergency he is calling for at 10:36 pm.

“The lightbulb in the back portion of the townhouse is currently out. Flood lights are working, but it’s dark”

Me: “Well, thank you for notifying us. We’ll tell a manager right away.”

Had to hang up on the customer because he started to curse me out for not providing appropriate service for a light bulb that is out.

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