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I and my GF are at a hibachi restaurant. Usually when I eat out I don’= t order any beverages, but when I go to this place I splurge on a hot sake.= It is delivered in a sake bottle and glass, with enough to fill about 3 1/= 2 glasses. At the end of our meal, after drinking 3 glasses, I reach for th= e bottle and discover the waitress had already taken it away, along with my= final portion. Since this is an expense I rarely indulge in, we decide to = say something to the waitress. I’m hoping to get a small discount for = the small amount I was not able to enjoy, but instead she brings me a whole= new bottle. At that point I was a bit embarrassed, as I felt that was more= than I deserved, but since it was already poured I accepted it. I poured m= yself a new glass, and noticed a black speck flow in. I check the glass and= exclaim in surprise that it is a fruit fly! I fish it out, and since she i= s holding out her hand I place it on her finger. Upon seeing it she apologi= zes profusely, and I tell her not to worry about it. My GF and I get a good= laugh about it, I finish my sake, and on the way out the waitress apologiz= es again for the fly, which I assured her I was not upset about as it was n= ot her fault.

I ended up tipping 35%, enough extra to cover the bonus drink they didn&#03= 9;t need to serve me, so hopefully there’s no hard feelings.

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