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(I was standing way in the back, in the deli/bakery section, so from my vantage point, i could see most of the aisles in the store, as well as the signs above the aisles dictating what each aisle contained. Note that i don’t even remotely resemble an employee, as i am in a flowery sundress. A woman walks past 2 employees and goes straight to me)
Lady: excuse me, are you Mexican?
Me: …no.
Lady: (dejected, but then perks up) well maybe you can still help me! Where can i find taco ingredients?
Me: (stares at her in disbelief, then points at an aisle that says ‘mexican food’ on the sign above) Aisle 5.
Lady: can you show me?
Me: (repeats) aisle 5. (Walks away)
(I quickly got what i needed, then left)

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