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(I work as a supervisor in an online business. I received this call, until this guy realized an embarrassing moment by the end of the call.)

Me: Thanks for contacting [Store]. How may I help?

Customer: your BUYER is a scammer! Your buyer sent me a fake item! I want to get a refund and I don’t want to deal with scammers anymore!
(Had to lower the telephones volume because of his furious voice.)

Me: Erm, Sir…

Customer: WHATTT?

Me: I just want…
(got interrupted again)

Customer: Are you gonna defend this buyer now!? You guys are scammer too.
(His loud voice is shaking in anger….)

Me: I just wanna let you know that… (paused for 5sec) you are the BUYER…
(Moment of silence “I can hear him breathing deeply”…until he disconnected)

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