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(During college I worked the night shifts at a sandwich shop located in a h= ospital cafeteria. Night shift was scheduled as 5pm-1am since the shop clos= ed at 1am but in reality you were usually there a bit longer because hospit= al staff would rush the place (since it was the last place in the cafeteria= to close) just before closing and you’d end up staying later to re-do= most of the closing routines. When this happened we were usually in a rush= because the POS system would auto-reboot itself and log us all out of the = time keeping system at 2am and once it did that, you were unable to log bac= k in for a few hours, so anything we did after 2am was basically for free. = One night after a particularly bad rush, the three of us on shift are tryin= g to clean up as quickly as we can so we can all leave. All the food is put= away and the bottles drink cabinet is locked, we have dimmed the lights ar= ound our area and we are all sweeping, mopping or scrubbing various surface= s. At this point it’s about 1:30am, so 30 minutes after we close, and = a group of 3 12-13 year old boys wander over to us and start tugging on the= door of the locked drunk cabinet)

Coworker #1: *had been cleaning the drink fountain area next to the cabinet= * Hey, guys, we’re closed.

Kid: We just want drinks

Coworker #1: We’re still closed and we’re not going to open the c= abinet up for you

Kid: *to me as I come out of the back and start punching my employee meal i= nto the register since I made it earlier but didn’t have a chance to r= ing myself out because of the rush* Hey, if your register is still on you h= ave to sell us drinks

Me: Well, we close at 1 and it’s 1:30 so no I don’t. But there&#0= 39;s a vending machine back the way you came you can get the same drinks fr= om. And it’s cheaper too, the machine chargers $1.25 and we charge $2 = a bottle.

Kid: My Dad said you gave him his food and drinks after 1 so that means you= ‘re open and have to get us drinks.

Me: He probably got in line with the last rush but that rush is over now, w= e’re closed and the vending machine is like a dollar cheaper anyway, j= ust give it up. *goes back into the back*

Kid: *keeps pulling at the door, muttering about how he’s going to get= his drink anyway (note that the door despite being locked, was pretty lose= and a really good tug could open it up even with the lock on most because = people did exactly what this kid is doing)*

Coworker #2: *hearing him as she comes over to the register from counting b= read and other inventory kept in the front so she can count out the money i= n the till* Hey, if you break that and take anything, there’s a securi= ty camera aimed right at that thing.

(The kid grumbles some more but he and his two friends leave. The next time= I worked there was a note on the white board in the back from our manager = about a customer complaint about us stressing them out during their hospita= l visit because we wouldn’t sell their kids an overpriced soda)

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