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(It was mid January and I was stopping in to pick up some snacks and some things to drink. Soon after I enter the store I hear some yelling. I’ve been in this store a few times and I recognize the cashier. The man yelling was in his mid to late 30s. The cashier is at no personal risk, as he’s sitting behind a large plexiglass partition that customers can’t get through.)

Customer: I gave you that fifty cents, where’s my drink?

Cashier: You’re still short, man.

Customer: You’re just trying to steal from me, man.

(At this point, I realized that I walked into a bad situation, and I was just trying to figure out how to deal with it. The customer grew increasingly aggressive, yelling threats at the cashier. So I wandered off to a corner of the store and just looked down, trying to be as invisible as I could while I hoped the aggressive customer would get kicked out.)

Customer (getting increasingly angry): Give me my booze man.

Cashier: Get out of the store.

(At this point I’d already given up on trying to buy anything and was just hoping he’d either kick the guy out or I could leave without being noticed. It was clear the customer was not listening, so I started walking towards the door).

Customer: Man I’ll just kick your friend’s a**, then you’ll give me my money back.

(I didn’t realize he was talking about me until I was almost out the door)

Customer: (Aggressively) Hey! You friends with that guy?

Me (Incredulous): No

(I don’t know what it was, but he turned around and started yelling at the cashier. I have no idea how that situation ended, but I just wanted out of there.)

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