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[I’m Indigenous, but can pass for white. The customer in front of me, who’s being checked out by the clerk, is a petite African-American woman. A white guy with a shaved head steps in line behind me.]

White Guy: “Look at that disgusting [racial slur]. She ought to be put on the next boat back to Africa.”

Me: [Ignores him]

White Guy: [taps me on the shoulder to get my attention]

Me: [Turns my head to acknowledge him]

White Guy: “I think only natives should be allowed in this country. Don’t you agree?”

Me: [replies in my tribal language]

White Guy: “What was that?”

Me: [switching to English] “I believe you just said that only natives should be allowed in this country?”

White Guy: “So I did.”

Me: “Translated, what I replied was `I agree 100%. Now get the hell off my land, paleface.'”

African-American Woman: [bursts into giggles, collects her groceries and heads out]

White Guy: [glares daggers at me]

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