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(One of the game stores in my town is very casual and has a lot of friendly regulars they know by first name, myself included. I’m browsing and talking to the staff when another regular comes in with a styrofoam box. I don’t want to perpetuate stereotypes, but he had the smell of someone who was on a 10-day gaming binge.)

Regular: How’s it going?

Staff: Good, how about yourself?

Regular: Good! *makes small talk for a little bit* Hey, do you mind if I eat my lunch in here?

Staff: Um, I guess? I don’t think we have rules about that one way or the other, so… sure?

Regular: Okay! Thanks!

(The guy then pulls out barbeque chicken wings and eat them. They have a pretty hefty stench, which adds to the BO. I don’t have a good sense of smell, and even I tell to stay away from the corner he’s in. I leave shortly after, and come back the next day. Now there’s some incense burning in the corner.)

Me: Hey, so when did the owner’s become okay with burning incense in the store?

Staff:… um, y’know, we just wanted to make the place smell nice… and, uh…

Me: Oh, I thought it was the dude who wreaked of BO and ate horrendous-smelling barbeque wings in here yesterday.

Staff: Oh my God thank you. I was trying to be nice, but seriously, that was gross.

Me: I think you might need a ‘no food’ policy.

Staff: I think we might do that.

(To be fair, he wasn’t rude or anything, but I just don’t think he was aware of the odour he was creating. If you’re going to eat smelly food, please do it where it isn’t going to bother anyone.)

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