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(Im working the closing shift at a popular fast food chain one night. We close at 11:00 and it is 10:57 when a family walks in with two adults and three kids. As they are coming in the Dad practically throws his wife through the door. A cop is in the back finishing his meal)

Customer 1(Dad): what time do you close?

Me: we close in about two minutes.

Customer 1: oh good, we made it on time.

Customer 2 (mom): i dont know, maybe we should go somewhere else if they are about to close

Customer 1: (yelling at a mich higher volume than the comment warrented) thats not our problem, and anyway this nerd behind the counter probably has no life outside of work

(I can admitt im kind of nerd but i took offense to that. Moreover i notice bruises on his wife and kids)

Me: pardon me sir, but im going to have to ask you to refrain from insulting me

Customer 1: Ill say whatever i damn want to you, you are here to serve me. Now are you gonna take my order?

(At this point his kids are looking nervous and his wife looks terrified. My manager approaches the counter, the cop in the back of the lobby is watching closely)

Manager: no sir, we will not be taking your order, since you got here you have insulted my employee, terrified your wife and kids, and i need to ask you to leave now, your wife and kids are still welcome to order food.

Customer 1: (his face turns blood red and he starts yelling incoherently, he turns and shoves his wife into the line partitions)

(At this point the cop rushes the guy and has him on the ground before he even knew the cop was there)

Manager: i did ask you nicely to leave, karma is a real asshole sometimes huh?

(We had to fill out incident reports that night so we got out very late. That same cop came in some time later and i asked what happened to the guy)

Cop: turns out he was coked out of his mind, he was charged with domestic violence, child abuse, and drug trafficking. After we saw the cuts and bruises on his wife and kids the law decided he wouldnt be seeing any of them for a very long time.

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