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(I’m working at a small IT service provider. A customer wants me to install a certain constellation of hardware and software on a server. Once I set up the hardware, he hands me two licenses for the operating system.)
Me: “Uhm… there’s a problem here. This is a [License type 1] and this is a [License type 2]. It’s not allowed to mix both types on the same hardware.”
Customer: “Says who?”
Me: “[Well known software company using 4 rectangles in their logo].”
Customer: “And why is that?”
Me: “It’s their policy.”
Customer: “So it’s not going to work?”
Me: “It is, but it’s not allowed.”
Customer: “Ah, who cares. Just do it, I’m not going to purchase another license.”
(I shrug and have the customer sign a form stating that he is aware of the constellation being not allowed by the manufacturer and that I informed him about it. I install everything the way he wants it.
Two weeks later, the phone rings.)
Me: “[Company], [my name] speaking, how can I help?”
Customer: “I have a problem with my [service].”
Me: “Ok, let me…”
Customer: “Don’t bother! I already spoke with a technican from [manufacturer] and he checked the server via remote maintainance. Do you know what he told me?!?”
Me: “Tell me?”
Customer: “He told me the license constellation you put on there is illegal! They won’t help me and may even consider sueing me! Now I need to buy another license! Did you not know that they don’t allow this?!? Your company is going to pay for this license and you will also pay if they sue me!”
Me: “Seriously? I told you it’s not allowed to mix [license type 1] and [license type 2] on the same hardware!”
Customer: “No, you didn’t! I would remember!”
Me: “You signed a declaration that I told you and you wanted it anyway! I even gave you a copy!”
Customer: “Nonsense! If I had signed such a declaration and if you gave me a copy, I’d have it right…”
Me: “Yes?”
Customer: “… I have it right here…”
Me: “So…?”
Customer: “It’s still your fault! You had me sign this although I didn’t really understand what it meant!”
Me: “It’s my fault you signed it althogh you didn’t know what it meant? It’s my fault you didn’t ask if you didn’t know?”
Customer: “Well, I…”
(At this moment my boss, who had heard me, waved at me.)
Me: “One moment please, Mr. [Boss] wishes to talk to you. I’ll transfer you.”
(The following exchange would be too long to write down, even though it was amusing. In the end the customer apologized, bought the license – which I installed for him – and paid us in full. I wish I could talk people into the ground like my boss can.)

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