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So I work as a marshall in a laser quest arena. Mainly, our customers are kid’s birthday parties and the like, but every so often we have groups of teens/adults, and they’re my favourite. It means I can have a bit more fun, be more teasing, y’know.

So I’m taking care of a group of university girls and after their game finishes, I’m walking around the room hooking the equipment up to the wall so it can charge overnight (it was closing time by this point.)
As I walk past one girl, she slutdrops, not realising I’m behind her, and she inadvertently grinds against me. As a naturally joker-type person, I say something along the lines of “Jeez, at least buy me a drink first!” Needless to say, her entire group of friends proceed to embarrass the poor girl as they make their way out of the establishment! Cut to 10 minutes later, my manager and I walk out of the building to finish locking up and the group of girls are still there. The girl that accidentally dry-humped me walks over and gives me her number, and we have now been together for about half a year!

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