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(I’m an assistant, but I also function as a receptionist, as my office has a large window that looks out into the hallway, where there are two other suites for other companies. It’s not uncommon for visitors to approach the window to speak to me, thinking that I’m the receptionist for one of the other companies, in which case I direct them to one of the other suites. One day, a woman exits the elevator, standing right in front of a sign with arrows pointing to the different suites and their companies, before walking over and staring into my window. I get up and go to the door so I can speak with her.)
Woman: I’m [name.]
(She waits, as if I should know who she is.)
Me: Hi. Which company were you looking for?
Woman: I don’t know.
Me: …
Woman: It was supposed to be [suite number].
Me: Oh, that’s right over there. (I point to the door marked clearly with the suite number and company name.)
(The woman looks over at the door and, without a word, walks toward it. However, as she’s walking, she calls back:)
Woman: Don’t you scare me like that!

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