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I work in a showroom that sells bathroom fixtures and accessories, we have people come in that are planning on a remodel, or building a new home and want to check out the products. I get so many stupid questions:
Customer #1 – “so when you say 60″ in length, is that how long it is?”
Customer #2 – “what is the difference between left and right hand drain?”, Me: “that is the side that the drain and plumbing is on”, Customer: “how do I know which side I need”
Customer #3 – “I’m looking for a 5 foot vanity”, me: yes, here are our 60″ vanities” customer: I don’t think you understand I want 5 feet. me: “yes, 5 feet and 60 inches are the same measurement” Customer: “no they’re not, everyone know feet are bigger than inches!”

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