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“Washing Away the Generation Gap”

This was back in my twenties, I’m in a theater’s restroom, going to wash my hands. A movie had just ended, so the restroom was packed and loud with guys talking, water running, toilets flushing, paper towel dispensers whirring, and hand dryers going off. It’s almost chaos with how busy it is.

There’s a man, probably in his seventies, two sinks to my right. He had soap already in his hands, as he side-stepped to the sink next to me.

I start washing my hands, and see the gentleman stick his hands under the water nozzle, but nothing happens. I notice he looks left at the sink I’m using, and seems frustrated seeing the sink to the right (the one he just walked away from) now working.

He shoves his hands under the water nozzle once more, but the water still won’t come out.

I wait a few beats for him to figure it out, as I don’t want to make him feel foolish…

Without a word, I reach my hand over, and turn the large handle for the water on.

The man immediately guffaws, and blushing furiously, “I can’t believe it! I’m so used to those automatic sinks!”

We both had a good laugh, especially when he pointed out that he’ll use the paper towels instead automatic hand dryers!

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