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My Dad and I are at the checkout in the grocery store. I’m waiting at the end of the till, while my Dad is paying. There’s a lady also waiting to bag/box her groceries, who’s also at the end. I think I’m in her way, so I step aside, saying, “Oh, I’m sorry.”

She tells me, “Oh, no. Don’t worry about me. I’m the bagger/boxer, just like your Dad… or is that your Grandpa?” I kill myself laughing, because I believe my Dad looks more like a Grandfather, because of his grey beard and glasses. Even though I call him old, I never thought someone else would! She then questions, “That’s your Dad, isn’t it?” I just nod, still laughing.

I then rush over to my Dad, after calming my laughing, and tell him, “That lady just called you old!”

She then says, “I didn’t call him old; I just wasn’t sure if he was your Father or Grandfather!”

Since I look twelve, even though I’m nineteen, my Dad says, “Tell her age, and then it’ll be more believable.”

“I’m nineteen.” I tell her.

Her reply, “Oh, well, that makes sense, then!”

It was the greatest thing ever!

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