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I work in a store themed to one fandom. In the middle of the store are 3 outfits designed to just be displayed and dont go o any characters but everyone always tries to say “this outfit was this characters” etc. Usually when i tell people they’re originals for the store they accept it. One day while I was on register (and have a full view of the 3 outfits) this one woman would not give up on trying to put a character to each.

customer: who wore the dress in the middle?

me: no one, its an orginal design to be displayed in the store.

customer: but someone wore it, who?

me: no one, it was designed for the store.

customer: i know, i get that. but that’s [character 1]’s (points to far right outfit), thats [character 2]’s (points to far left), but who wore the middle one? [character 3]?

me: no one wore any of then, they are [fake store owner to theme with fandom] originals designed to be displayed in the store.

customer’s child: she’s told you that 3 times.

customer: i understand what youre saying, but it was based of [character 3]’s dress?

me: NO! its an original! no one wore it!

customer: oh

she leaves with her children who look as fed up and frustrated as i feel now. i didnt realize it was so hard to understand that NO ONE wore the outfit on display, it was designed FOR the store. lol

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