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(At the time of this story, I was a server for a popular chain of restaurants. On this particular day, a family comes into the store and is seated in my section. I kindly greet them and take their orders; as I’m walking away from the table, I notice the youngest in the family, who had to be at least 21, had an open carry firearm strapped to his hip. Considering this event takes place in Central Kentucky, I don’t think much of it; everyone carries a firearm or knife around here. As I I’m sending their order back to the kitchen, one of the managers goes out and kindly confronts the young man about his firearm.)

Manager: “Excuse me, sir, it’s not a big deal right now, but we don’t actually allow firearms in the store. You don’t have to do anything about it right now, but for future reference would you mind leaving it in your vehicle?”

(The person with the gun kindly agrees, it’s clearly not a big deal to him. The mom, on the other hand, goes completely mental.)

Mom: “Excuse me?! Are you trying to say we can’t bring our guns in here?!”

Manager: “Yes ma’am, but like I said, this is just for future reference.”

Mom: “But it doesn’t say so anywhere! There’s no signage or anything saying we can’t!”

Manager: “I’m sorry ma’am, but it’s company policy. I’m sorry we don’t have any signage out front, but we’ll get that fixed as soon as possible.”

(At this point, the table is completely silent, everybody except for the mom looks uncomfortable. A few minutes pass and I deliver their food to their table.)

Mom: “I can’t eat this, you all have made me lose my appetite!”

(Everybody else at the table decides not to eat because if mama isn’t happy, no one’s happy.)

Me: “I’m sorry ma’am, would you like me to bring you out a box so you can take it home with you?”

Mom: “Hell no I don’t want a box!”

Dad: *Silently nodding and whispering* “Bring us four boxes.”

(I quickly deliver their bill and a few boxes before she decides to explode again. They sit there for about another half hour, the mom complaining the whole time. They all finally leave, and I never see them enter the store again.)

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