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(So for the past 6 months I have worked in a mexican restaurant where we make your food as you go down the line, and in the past 6 months I have learned how to work most of the store in a way that meets our standards. Usually when people come up to order, I ask how I can help them, and then after they choose bowl, burrito, or tacos, I ask if they would like any rice or beans, and then move onto meats. In the past when people have skipped over an ingredient that I ask about again, they get upset so I just move on most of the time. The following interaction occurs between 1 and 2, right after peak but still at a time where we can get very busy, as such I am trying to push customers through as fast as possible.)

*A father and daughter walk up*

Me: Hi, how are you doing today?

Daughter: Good, can I have a bowl?

Me: Sure! For here or to go?

Dad: For here.

Me: Alright, any rice or beans?

Daughter: White rice please, with no beans and steak.

Me: Alright. *makes her order and slides it down to salsa* And for you sir?

Dad: A bowl.

Me: Any rice or beans?

Dad: White rice and extra steak.

Me: Sure thing. *makes his order then slides it down a few inches next to his daughter’s before making the order for the next person in line that had just walked up.

Dad: *borderline yelling* Sorry, but can we get someone who knows what they’re f***ing doing? This guy didn’t ask me if I wanted any beans and is just throwing things around.

Coworker on Salsa: *sighs and puts black beans on his bowl before finishing his order.*

Dad: *to cashier* I would also like to speak to your manager about this.

The cashier radios for the manager, all the while we are trying to push a now growing line around him as he is standing right in front of the register. Only once the manager comes out does he move.

Manager: What’s the problem?

Dad: You either need to retrain or fire that guy at the front of the line because he doesn’t know what he’s doing, I would also like my meal refunded. Not only did he not ask if I wanted beans, he tossed my bowl violently across the line when I politely asked for some.

With that the rest of us get confused looks on our faces hearing this, as he is still being very loud.

Manager: Sorry, but I was watching everything on our cameras and could hear you quite clearly in the back yell. So while I do apologize for this experience from one of our key employees, I won’t be refunding your meal.

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