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(This particular exchange happens on a fairly busy day, where both myself- a shift manager- and the assistant store manager are stuck on register trying to get everyone in line helped. The line is roughly ten people long and we only have two registers open.)

Customer: (Steps up to my register, cutting in line.) I got a problem.
Me: Ma’am, were you next in line?
Customer: No. (She shoves her phone at my face.) Where the hell are your phone chargers? You sell phones here.
Me: I can tell you what kind of charger you need, but then you will have to get back in line to pay. There are several other people who have been waiting patiently for their turn. (She rolls her eyes while I look at the charge port on the phone. Upon closer inspection, it isn’t one I’ve ever seen before.) Ma’am, we don’t sell a charger like this. All of our chargers work for either an iPhone or for PS4 controllers.
Customer: You mean you sell phones but no chargers? That’s stupid!
Me: Ma’am, the phones we sell use a micro usb, just like our controllers. I have never seen a charge port like yours before. You may have to go to a specialty cell phone store to find it.
Customer: Whatever. Thanks for nothing.
(She wanders off and I call up the next customer. After I help everyone in line I realize there are only two people left: the person my coworker is helping, and the lady with the odd phone. I walk over to remind her that we don’t have what she needs to find that she had ripped a micro usb cable off of the locked wall pegs and is tearing it open in the line.)
Me: (Sternly) Ma’am, you haven’t paid for that yet. It will NOT work on your phone.
Customer: (Rudely) I’m only talking with him. (Points at my coworker.)
(I stood there with my arms crossed and listened to my coworker tell her the exact same thing I just did. She slammed the now ruined box on the counter and stormed out.)

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