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(I am a 16 year old customer at this time, and my other mother had paid for a regular draft. also I’m paraphrasing as I’m posting this the day after)
Worker: [my name], I know you’re eating you pizza, but can you come over here please
Me: Okay (walks over there)
Worker: everyone here wants to play “Modern masters”, is that okay with you?
Me: What’s “Modern masters”?
Worker: I have no idea but we’ll find out together.
(a little while later)
Worker: [my name], can you please come over here again
Me: Okay (walks over there)
Worker: (to other customers) right, so you all want to play “Modern masters”. But [my name]’s mother only paid for a regular draft, so what are we going to do? (the worker and customers 1, 2, 3, and 4 talk for a few seconds). (to me) alright [my name] everyone here has agreed to chip in and pay the difference (a number I later worked out to be $6 each as the Worker also played)
Me: thanks
(these awesome customers reminded me what MtG it really all about, the community)

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