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I work in the paint department of a large hardware retailer. One day I had a customer ask for a “fox brush” – I had no clue what he was talking about so I asked what he was using it for, in case we had something similar or he was using a term I was unfamiliar with. Turns out he meant a FAUX brush (pronounced like “foe,” not “fox”), for creating fake wood grain, aka a graining tool. But unfortunately, we were out.

“We normally carry the faux wood grain tools, they’ll be back in soon or I can check another store in the area…”

“Eh, I’ll come back another day. Oh, and by the way, it’s pronounced FOX,” he muttered, rolling his eyes at me and grumbling as he walked off.

“…Have a great day.”

I wouldn’t judge someone for not knowing a tricky word like that, but “correcting” me so rudely, especially when he was wrong, gave me the giggles for the rest of the day!

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