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It’s important to know that Swedish alchol laws are very strict and we are not allowed to give away any type of alcholic beverages under any circumstances for free, we can replace a bad product(unless youve drank it anyway) but if you simply don’t like what you order there’s no way for me to compensate with new alcohol.
I used to work at the bar of a restaurant located at a mall, when one evening as the slighty more upscale restaurant next door to us closed for the evening, their guests wandered over to us.

3 women came up to the bar and I could tell they had already had a few glasses of wine at the other restaurant.
me: Welcome, how can I help you today?
woman 1:(not looking at me) give us 3 mojitos.
I make their mojitos and hand them over, and they sit down at the closest table from the bar. I can clearly hear everything they say as theres next to no customers in the restaurant.
woman 1: Ugh there’s no alcohol in this!
woman 2: Yeah! they’re not very strong these drinks!
I dont pay them any attention as I start cleaning up for the night and I’m used to people trying to lure their way to more alcohol.
Soon they come up and order more
woman 1: Make them strong this time!
woman 2: Yeah!
Me: actually if you want more alcohol in the drinks it costs extra
woman3: fuck that!
woman 1: yeah, were not paying any extra
I’m seriously considering not serving them as they are now starting to slurr their words and are behaving like children, but give them the benefit of doubt, but I’m not pouring any extra in like they want me to.
Shortly thereafter woman 3 comes up to me to order once more.
woman 3: give me a beer!
me: ok which type of beer would you like? we have 3 draft beers and several bottled ones.
woman 3: just give me a beer!
I pour her my favourite of the drafts even though I know it’s a slightly darker lager then most people usually go for but most are pleasentry suprised by.
She sits down with her friends and shortly after I hear them exclaim quite loudly and in baby-like voices.
woman 3: UGH! gross beer!
woman 1: let me taste! Yuck! that’s gross!!
woman 2: thats absolutely disgusting!
woman 3: gross beer!!
I don’t pay them any mind as I have more imprortant stuff to do, even though I know they are being deliberatly loud so that I will hear them. I walk by their table on my way to the dishes several times and everytime I walk past them they exclaim similar things louder and louder, still using baby voices. this goes on for about 30minutes but they never come up to me to complain but simply keep shouting it in silly voices as I walk by and I just look at them daring them to come up to me, but they never do.
finally as we close fo the night they go to the register and pay all the while sipping their shared ‘gross’ beer and once they leave the hostess comes up to me while holding thir half drunken beer.
hotess: Wow they did not like you! They keept accusing you of serving them bad beer.
Me: yeah well I don’t let complaints from 30 year olds who talk behind my back in baby voices get to me…

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