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I work in a cafe on the top floor of a 4-floor shopping centre, and I was getting stock from our store room, which is in the underground car park. I was using the staff elevator (which has signs over the front of the doors and the inside of the elevator saying STAFF/DELIVERIES ONLY), which is next to the usual customer elevators.
As I’m waiting for the elevators to arrive to go back up, a middle-aged woman asks what floor [Supermarket] is on, so I respond with the correct floor. A few seconds later, the staff elevator arrives, but not the customer elevator. Most of the people (around 5 or so) waiting can see that it’s the staff only elevator, so they continue waiting, but not this same lady from before. She follows me in and presses the button for the first floor, where the supermarket is. I tell her that this is the staff only elevator, and she not only isn’t supposed to be in here, but it won’t take her to the supermarket she wants but to the delivery area next to it. She snapped at me saying “Why should you lazy kids get to use this elevator and I have to wait! I have places to be you know” and drags her husband into the elevator along side her.
We get to the first floor, and the elevator doors open to a concrete corridor used for deliveries for the supermarket. The lady gets out, still dragging her husband behind her, and starts looking up and down the hall for the supermarket, which she obviously can’t see. As she turns around to get back in the elevator, I say “I did warn you” as the doors close in her face, trapping her in the service corridor

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