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(I answer the phone)

Me: Thanks for calling (store) my name is (name) how can I help you?

Caller: You guys buy Pokemon cards?

Me: Yes we do. How many were you looking to sell as our Pokemon buyer isn’t here on Mondays.

Caller: Oh for how much?

Me: Well it depends on the card and the condition.

Caller: Will you buy an unopened booster box?

(Pokemon cards come in multiple different packages. A booster box is 36 packs with 10 cards in each pack. The store sells both the booster boxes and the packs themselves but we have our own distributor. I try to explain this.)

Me: Well no sorry we only buy singles we don’t buy booster boxes.

Caller: What do you mean you don’t buy booster boxes it’s sealed!!!

Me: No sorry we have our own distributor of this product.

Caller: What you don’t buy sealed product???

Me: …No we do not as we get it from our own distributor. If you were to open the box and get good cards we would be able to buy them from you but we don’t buy unopened sealed product we get it from our distributor.

(Caller hangs up huffing. Yeah I know I sounded bad but what was I supposed to do the guy sounded really annoyed)

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