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( I was a telephone operator at the time of this story – Shortly after calling features for telephone service first came out there were people who took advantage of them to make nuisances of themselves. One day I got this call. )

Customer: I’m getting nuisance calls and all that shows on my call display box is ‘blocked number’ and I want to know who’s calling

Me: I understand that getting those kind of calls is annoying, but because the number is blocked the information you want is not available to be given out. There, however, a way to set up your phone so that is people block their number then they can’t call you.

Customer: That’s not good enough! I want those people dealt with.

Me: The only way those people can be identified is through the use of ‘call trace’ which sends the time, date, and telephone number to a printer in our security department. The only people who have access to that printer is our security and the police.

Customer: So then I can call your security department and find out who is calling me?

Me: The only way you will find out who is calling you is to use ‘call trace’ three times and then call the police and tell them you are being harassed or threatened. Your first contact will be in court.

Customer: I don’t want that! I just want to know what s***head is calling me!

Me: Ma’am, we’ll help you make it stop, we won’t help you play.

( At that point the customer began shrieking obscenities and I hung up on her. )

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