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, | Unfiltered | September 19, 2020

Besides a lot of regular priced goods I wanted to buy two items on sale. Unfortunately the cashier scanned them in at full price. After me telling him about the mistake, he called his manager over to cancel those two items and went on with checking out the remaining items.
After paying and leaving the store I checked the receipt and noticed that I didn’t pay for the two reduced items at all.

I went back in to the customer service counter where Manager greeted me.

Manager: “Hi. Anything I can help you with?”

Me: “Yes! Remember the two items you had to void because they were scanned at full price instead of the sale price? Eventually the cashier forgot to check them out at all.”

Manager: *in disbelief* “So you’re telling me you came back to pay for the items we forgot to check out?”

Me: “Yes!”

Manager: *still in disbelief* “Oh, thank You!

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