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So, I’ve been serving at a family sports restaurant for about 4 years now. We have always had 4 different types of chicken wings. (Friend, breaded, oven roasted, or all meat [aka boneless]). Now… I’ve had people ask for the “regular” way, which in all honesty, there is none because it depends on where you normally go.

On this late evening, I was basically done with stupid customers but this person’s stupidity just took the cake. Keep in mind, ordering CHICKEN wings. So I ask them what kind they would like and list them off as per usual.

Me: And how would you like your wings cooked? Oven roasted, friend, breaded, or all meat?
Customer: what’s all meat? Is that like… Beef?
Me: ……. *Deep breath* no, they’re chicken wings.
Customer: Oh, that makes sense I guess.

Umm… What? You guess? They’re chicken wings for goodness sake!

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