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(I answer phones and greet customers at a small business. I go on lunch about 12:45pm on a Tuesday. It’s a pretty slow day, and I let everyone know I’m going on lunch. I unpack all my stuff in the back, begin to eat, and of course the phone rings at 12:50. It rings twice, and I assume someone else has picked it up. I finish my lunch and go back to my desk only to discover I have a voicemail. It’s from an older gentleman, and he’s speaking very slowly; in fact I was about to delete the voicemail because of the dead air in front of the message. He’s kind of hard to make out.)

Caller: Yah, hi, I am (name) and I’m looking to place an order with you guys…our email is acting up and we can’t get an email out to you…if you could call me back at (number)…I’m looking to place a purchase order with you as soon as possible, my name is (name) and if you could call me back at (number) because our email is acting up and we need to place his purchase order…thank you… (hangs up)

(Something’s weird. I Google the number he provided, to discover it’s in a totally different state, as it’s a different area code, but it’s for a legitimate business. So this isn’t a scam or anything. I Google *our* office number with *that* area code – because I figure he hit a 4 instead of a 1 – and I discover that, what do you know, it’s another legitimate business, but it’s in his state. I call the number the gentleman provided, and am connected to another gentle, this one much younger.)

Man: Hello, thank you for calling (business), how may I help you?

Me: Good afternoon, we received a voicemail from you a few minutes ago about placing a purchase order? I believe you dialed the wrong number –

Man: Oh, yes, that was Mr. (name), we apologize but our email isn’t working today, we were looking to order from you as soon as we could –

Me: Yes, I understand, however, I believe you dialed the wrong number, as you’ve reached (business), not whomever you were trying to call. Forgive me, but it was hard to make out.

Man: *puzzled, but still not understanding* Yes, but we called to place a purchase order with you…

Me: Um, unless you’re calling about an order from (city, state) I think you want the (their area code), not (our area code).

Man: Oh…OH! OH!!! *laughing* Okay, I see the problem. I’ll let him know, thank you. Have a good day.

(I hope they got their order…)

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