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[ So we have this one woman who ALWAYS demands a receipt before she pays for her items, I’ve told her and several other cashiers have told her its nearly impossible to do because of the fact that we literally can’t. Its not how our system work but she claims to have done it before. My coworker is a saint for dealing with her]

Woman: No, I know you can do it, I’ve done it at plenty of other stores before and I’m sure you can do it here.
Coworker: Well I just started at this store, I came from [store number] and I’m sure we dont do that ma’am.
Woman: *getting irritated* No, I’m sure I’ve done it before! I want to make sure he’s not ringing my items up wrong!
Me, from the register behind my coworker: Ma’am, we cant print receipts unless we cancel the transaction or you pay for it. You’ll either have to wait until you pay or have faith that my coworker isn’t going to mis-scan anything-
Woman: I /KNOW/ I’ve done it before! You need to stay in your lane and attend your own customers! You’re doing a shitty job at serving them little girl!
[Mind you all, not only am I in my mid 20’s, all of my customers have been from my coworker’s line that SHE’S holding up and there is a mother with a obviously sick kid in her arms]
Me: Ma’am I am but its a sunday afternoon and we have a lot of people wanting to go home with their families and you are unfortunately holding up his line and causing a very big delay in it and we dont have all of our cashiers out because they were sent to lunch before this rush hit.
Woman: *ignores me and helicopters over my coworkers shoulder to ensure he doesn’t double scan anything before paying and leaving*
[I called a supervisor over to get an override on gift card and asked them this]
Me: We cant print receipts before the transaction is over right?
Supervisor: Nope, it goes against our system’s lay out. It either has to be aborted to see it or the customer /has/ to pay for their items
Me: thought so- Some lady was claiming she could and got upset when I said it wasn’t possible

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