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(I have dyscalculia, which is like dyslexia with numbers. Because of this, while I can grasp the theories of math, addition and subtraction don’t work right for me–I never get the right number. However, after getting my own job and handling money more, I think I have a basic grasp on what things roughly look like. I’ve just bought several cheap items in self-checkout, and the total looks ridiculous to me…)

Me: *waves to attendant* Excuse me, this can’t be right. I think the machine’s broken.

Attendant: No, it’s right.

Me: (starting to wonder but still fairly sure the total is too high) Are you sure?

Attendant: *pulls out calculator and shows me*

Me: …Got it. Thanks.

Attendant: No problem. Have a nice day!

(At least he was nice about it!)

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