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(I’m visiting my step-Mom at the Variety Store she works at, and I witness this with a customer…)

Step-Mom: Do you need a bag? (Mind you, it’s only a bag of chips he’s buying. Even though she (and I both) like(s) to conserve bags, it’s policy to ask.)

Customer: Ah, sure… Do you have any of those big bags?

Step-Mom: No, we don’t have those. We only have the other ones.

Customer: You don’t have any of those bigger bags?

Step-Mom: No. *Shows the bags they have* Only these ones.

Customer: Oh. OK, then. Nevermind. *Leaves*

(In my mind, I didn’t see the point in him getting a bag, just for chips. Though, in my step-Mom’s mind, unless I misheard the transaction, he was wanting a free bag to use for something else. She told me that she wasn’t about to give him a free bag…)

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