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(I’m the customer in this one. My boyfriend wanted to buy a coffee, so I agree to take him to a fast food joint to get him one. We get into the drive-thru, order, and pull up to the first window. The window opens, and the employee has a headset on.

Employee: “Okay, that’s 1.08. Would you like any sauce?”

Me: *confused, thinking maybe the order got mixed with another* “Um… we ordered a coffee?”

(Suddenly, my boyfriend starts laughing hysterically. I’m still confused as I hand over the money, until I realized…)

Me: “Oh God… she was talking to the guy behind us, wasn’t she?”

(My boyfriend, laughing to hard to speak, merely nods with tears in his eyes. Luckily the employee didn’t say anything about it. It’s amazing how they can multi-task like that, though!)

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