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(from across the lobby)
Guest: “where do we park?”
Me: “anything on the street with a blue post is $2/hour till 8, and then free util 8 am. Or the lot is $6 for 10 hours or 12 for 24”
Guest: “is there another exit?”
Me: “just the front door”
(walks up to the desk)
Guest: “Okay.. and then the street is how much?”
Me: “$2 an hour. Until 8”
Guest: “and then what? it’s free?”
Me: “and then it’s free- ”
Guest: “till when?”
Me: “till 8 am”
(I pull up the arrivals list)
Guest: “and the lot is 6 for 12- what was it?”
Me: “6 for 10, 12 for 24”
Guest: “Alright. I’ll be right back”

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