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One day at work I was going through the shirts in my section and counting them to make sure we had the right number of each size out (we usually don’t worry too much about it as long as we have each size out but it was pretty slow at this moment). As I’m going through the sizes of one shirt, someone walks up to the shirts directly to my right (so were like shoulder and shoulder). I keep counting the one size so i dont lose place with the intent of saying hi and letting them know if they need anything just to ask but then a man (im guessing by voice) comes up behind them but kinda to the side so technically inbetween us but one step back.

Man: *whispering* come on baby, there’s more to see.

Even though I knew he wasnt talking to me, I still tensed and it was awkward and my brain was like “NOPE! I’M OUT!” I continued to count shirts and they left a few moments after that

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