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I used to work in purchasing for a lighting store. When someone placed a special order I would call them from my office to let them know when it was ready to be picked up in the showroom, in a different building. many of our customers were designers or contractors who came back often. One day the showroom buzzed me saying:
Sr- Mr Jones says you called and said his order is in and I can’t find it.
Me (trying to get them to ask the right questions in the future): ask had m if it could be under a different name.
sr asks, comes back: He said no
Me: ask him if it could be under his company name
Sr: he says he doesn’t know
Me: ask him if he works for designer?
Sr;yes he does
Me: is it under that name?
Sr- never mind
Me, to self, why do I know where he works and he doesn’t?

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