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I’m work at the frontdesk of a hotel with a lot of conferences, which means most of our guests are there on business. The checkout is so frustrating! The following instances happens several times a day-
Man: here’s my keycard!
me: Thank you, what room where you in?
man: *leaves*
me: ok ..
I put the card through the card machine in hopes that will be able to tell me which room he had, sometimes it can get erased and then I’ll have no idea what room he just check out of. I can only hope he didn’t have anything to pay for.

woman: I’d like to check out!
me: certainly just give me a sec to finish up with this guest
woman: OH GOD NEVERMIND ILL BE BACK LATER!! *runs off towards the meeting rooms*
If you’re in such a hurry that you can’t wait 30 seconds to checkout than maybe you’re the one at fault and not me!? Also everyday I am left after checkout time with about 10-15 rooms where the guest hasn’t checkout but just walked and left the keycards in the room, yes you may ahve already payed but I need to know that you’ve left the room or housekeeping can’t clean it and if there’s a fire we will have to send someone up to look for you if you’re not at the meet-up!

Please just fucking checkout! It takes 1 minute..

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