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(My Dad went into the dentist office to make an appointment for his chipped tooth. He just wanted to have it quickly done, so that he didn’t have to spend too long away from work. Though, the receptionist kept urging him to get a cleaning, but he just didn’t have time for it. So, he told her (I guess they’re known to screw around):)

“You know what, I’m so SICK of this from you guys! I’m going somewhere else.”

(So far, he hasn’t been able to find anybody else. So, he might just have to conclude in going back to that dentist. If they really want to do a cleaning THAT badly, he’s just going to have to go in on his day off or BOOK a day off! Though, I guess if he really DOESN’T want a cleaning, and just simply wants his tooth fixed, he’s entitled to it, right?)

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