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Stories from the Beer Store my Dad works at:

Story #1:

Dad: Would you like a bag?

Customer: Sure. Do you have one?

Me (thinking): Well, he wouldn’t have asked, if he didn’t have one…

Story #2:

My Dad says that there’s a customer, who always comes in, pays for his purchase, and waits around, if there’s another customer, before telling him a stupid joke.

Story #3:

Customer: *Gives his order*

Dad: *Heads to the cooler to receive it*

Customer: *Asks for something else to go along with the order*

Dad (jokingly): Don’t even bother telling me more, because I’ll forget it by the time I get back here. You see, I’m a little bit special needs…

Customer: Oh…

(Truth is, my Dad does have a terrible short-term memory, but he’s not special needs.)

Story #4:

(Mind you, my Dad is the only one working in the store…)

Customer (asking Dad): Do I go to you for my order?

Dad: Yes, you sure do.

Me (thinking): Who else would you go to?

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