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I’m at my regular piercing studio waiting for my ears to be stretched up. The piercer is in with another person who sounds a little worried.

Customer: Oh my god, it’s going to hurt, isn’t it. Please tell me if it’s going to hurt. Oh, I’m sweating so much, can you turn on a fan. Oh please, is it going to hurt-

Piercer: Of course its going to f**king hurt. I’m putting a hole in your nose! Now calm down, don’t move, and shut up, or it’ll hurt a hell of a lot more. Believe me…

The rest of us can barely hold in laughter, but a couple of minutes later the guy comes out, eyes streaming, and a new septum piercing. He leaves happy.

After the piercer cleans up he motions for me to come in.

Me: That sounded like fun…

Piercer: It’s the problem with people wanting to try new things out and not researching properly beforehand. They think it’ll just be like when their mum had their ears pierced with a gun when they were 12. Then when you bring the needle out they start to panic. You’d think seeing a needle as opposed to a GUN would make them calmer, but no. Doubt the guy with 35 years experience because a hairdresser with a poking fetish used something more “high-tech”.

I can disagree with him there.

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