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I am a customer, waiting in line to pay for my items. The cashier has just finished scanning my items. The woman in front of me is putting away her change from her purchase when she has the following interaction with the cashier.

Customer: This is Canadian penny!
Cashier: It’s what?
Customer: A Canadian penny! I can’t use this!
Cashier: Uh…
Customer: Give me an American penny! I can’t use this one!
Cashier: We take Canadian pennies.
Customer: Well I can’t use it anywhere else. I need an American one!
Me: American and Canadian pennies are the same size, they get confused all the time.
Customer: Well I can’t use this! (She tosses the penny at the cashier and storms off)
The cashier finished scanning my items and I pay.
Cashier: … and 2 cents is your change.
Me: Canadian pennies are fine by me!

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