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(I work in a care home for people with dementia. The female resident in this story has difficulty swallowing certain foods, and was put on a soft diet. This was decided by her doctor and a special team. One day during breakfast, her son walks in.)

Son: “Hey! Could you get my mum some toast?”
Me: “Sorry sir, but your mum’s been put on a soft diet -”
Son: “Rubbish. Give my mum some toast.”
Me: “I’m not allowed. She could choke on that.”
Son: “I still want my mum to have some toast.”
Me: “You want your mum to have toast even though she could choke on it?”
Son: “Yes.”

I was amazed by the fact he was so adamant about his mum eating something she could choke on. After talking to one of the senior staff, I brought her some bread and butter with the crusts cut off. I put it down in front of the lady and the son glared at me, but didn’t say anything.

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