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I was working as a temp in the customer service of on of the municipalities of Stockholm. Since I speak three languages I often get along well with customers who would rather speak English. This one couple would not stop complaining about absolutely everything we did to try and help with their child care situation. The last time I spoke to them it got ugly.
*said in Swedish* – Welcome to XX, this is *my name*.
– Do you speak English?
– Yes maam.
– I’ve got an invoice that’s not right.
– Could I have the invoice number please?
She tells me and I go through it with her. I know who she is, I recognize the childs name. I know that she will start screaming at me if I say anything else than what she wants to hear. As calmly and simply as I can, I explain to her that the invoice is correct because they have switched child care in the middle of a month and some other factors. I give her all the information she needs to appeal the invoice.
– But this can’t be right!
– Yes, the invoice is correct maam, but as I said you are welcome to appeal.
– I’m not going to pay!
– That is of course your choice, but I higly reccommend you to pay the invoice.
She starts arguing and shouting at me. I feel like a broken record telling her the same thing over and over. Finally, she says ok and we hang up. One minute later, her husband calls back.
– Why did you tell my wife the invoice is correct?!!
– Because it is, sir. But I also gave her all the information she needed to appeal.
– But why do you keep saying that it is correct, it is not!!! (yes, he is shouting now)
– Sir, if you would please calm down…
– Don’t call me sir. It’s offensive.

I have absolutely no idea why he says this. Probably just to try and put me down. But the absolute rudeness of it takes me by surprise. He then says he wants to speak to my boss, but refuses to let me take a message so she can call him back.

I ask him to hold and my co-worker takes over (break the chain of emotions, is a rule at that place). She actually has to tell him to -stop being rude or I’ll hang up.

The next time he called, he refused to speak to me and demanded to speak to my co-worker instead. Fine by me.

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