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(I work at a Canadian electronics store which sell a range of electronics from TVs to batteries. On most of the products we offer an extended warranty which covers products for an additional two years after the one-year warranty through the manufacturer. These warranties are either replacements, for cheaper products, and repair, for more expensive products. A customer comes in wanting to replace her two tablet cables)
Me: Did you get the extended warranty on these?
Customer: Yes
(I look up her information and see that she only has an extended warranty on the two tablets, not the cables)
Me: I’m not seeing a warranty for the cables, only for two [brand] tablets.
Customer: Yeah, I brought in the cables a few months ago and the guy replaced them with these ones.
Me: Was that at this location?
Customer: Yes.
Me: Well, he shouldn’t have done that, because you have a repair warranty which covers the tablet itself. The warranty doesn’t cover cable replacements.
Customer: But the guy here replaced them for me.
Me: But he shouldn’t have. Your warranty doesn’t cover cable replacements, it’s meant for tablet repairs.
Customer: Wow, what kind of people are you guys hiring? This is the second time something like this has happened to me.
(I realize then that this woman had come in about a month ago to send her tablets out for repair but they were sent back because they were still in their first year manufacturer’s warranty. My coworker who had sent them out had done so by mistake, and she was quite angry when her tablets weren’t fixed)
Coworker: What’s going on?
Me: She has an extended warranty on her two tablets and she wants to get her cables replaced. Apparently she brought them in before and they were replaced.
Coworker: They shouldn’t have been because the warranty doesn’t cover that.
Customer: But the guy did it for me!
Coworker: He probably did that just to make you happy, but he really shouldn’t have.
(This goes around in circles while she keeps getting angrier and angrier, demanding we replace her cables)
Me: I don’t know what we can do.
Coworker: There isn’t anything we can do.
Customer {frustrated): Well, I guess I’ll take these and I’ll never buy anything here ever again!
(She left in a huff, dragging her two children behind her. Other customers in the store were looking at us in shock at her outburst. We apologized and got on with the evening. I felt bad that there wasn’t anything we could do, but there was no need to question our hiring practices and keep berating us)

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