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(My big-box retail store is in a relatively wealthy section of town, and a lot of the customers we get are the sort who like to look down their nose at everyone. As I’m ringing up one such customer, who’s already managed to insult several of my co-workers, our cart attendant happens to walk by. For the record, our cart attendant has Mayan ancestry and has some traditional Mayan body modifications such as tattoos and gauged ears.)

Customer: “Hmph. And that guy – look at that thug. I can’t believe a reputable store in this area would allow such a person to represent them. He’s a terrible example for children, and who knows what he’s doing to people’s cars while they’re shopping?”

Me: “Sir, he’s actually a really nice guy. And besides, there are cameras in the parking lot. If anything were to happen we’d have footage of it.”

Customer: “Oh, you might think he’s a nice guy. But anyone who chooses to make themselves into a freak like that is showing their true colors.”

Me: *holding my tongue but giving the customer my best icy stare*

Customer: *oblivious to my expression* “Well, it’s a good thing you’re a proper, respectful girl. Just tell (Store) to fire him, or else I’m never coming back. Just let them know a customer wasn’t pleased with his appearance.”

(Of course I failed to pass that comment on. I’d never seen that customer before and I never saw him since, and the cart attendant continued working there for a long time afterward. I couldn’t really have said anything without getting in trouble for it, but I wish I could have seen his face if I’d told him this ‘proper, respectful girl’ has tattoos that happen to be covered by my normal uniform.)

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