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I work in a theme park in a shop that has a few different movie replicas for show in the shop to fit our theme. One of these is a large cabinet (you could fit 2 people inside). 2 teenage girls walk in and start having a discussion.

Girl 1: it said the cabinet was in here!

Girl 2: is that it? (points to cabinet)

Girl 1: (looks) no. omg this is so upsetting. (looks ready to cry in a way that makes me assume she spoiled)

They stand there for a minute or so not talking or anything. suddenly the upset girl turns and leans over the counter to me.

Girl 1: do you have (cabinet) in here?

Me: yep its right there (i gesture to the same cabinet her friend poked to)

Girl 1: yay!! (runs over to cabinet)

Girl 2: i said that was it!

Girl 1: (overjoyed and i suspect not really listening) i didnt see it

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