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I work at a big box store near a mall. This place has had self check for a year and a half but people are still getting used to it. I am watching self check and one of the computers is rebooting

I see a little woman go up to the machine with the out of order sign infront of it that says out of order. Trying in vain to log in to our system.

Me: Um mam I am sorry but that machine is not working right now

Lady: No No i info

Me: Uh mam that machine is broken, you can use the other one.

Lady: No I legal citizen.

At this point I flag down my boss cause this is beyond my comfort level.

Boss: I am sorry mam but this computer is down, we can help you on another machine.

Lady: I legal citizen, I am government, I have you fired.

Me: *barely supressed laugh*

Lady: I not stealing.

Boss: Thats not the issue mam the machine is down.

I clear the team member number and long two paragraph password she typed in and she goes off in a huff.

I giggle despite myself as I log in on the machine, Allowing it to be used again.

Me: That was weird.

Boss: Don’t laugh like that, you could lose your job.

Me: Sorry, I couldn’t help it.

Lady later walked out with a bag of stuff that was unpaid for.

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