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I work at a church which is also a pretty big tourist destination, so we get a lot of visitors who are not congregation members. We also frequently get guests who confuse the domination of the church. It would appear this was the case with one such guest.

Guest: Hi, do you livestream your services?
Me: I’m not sure if we do. Let me ask my co-worker. [Co-worker], do we do livestreams of our services?
Co-worker: We don’t do livestreams of our daily masses.
Guest: The website says you do.
Co-worker: Maybe it means for the big ones, like Christmas and Easter. We might do livestreams of those, but definitely not the regular daily or Sunday masses.
Guest: But the website says that all Sunday masses are streamed on the internet. I’ll show you. I have it right here. (she pulls up the website on her phone) See?
Co-worker: That’s the website for the Church of [Other Saint, also a popular tourist destination].
Guest: Well, then which church is this?
Co-worker: This is the Church of [Saint which doesn’t sound like the other one].
Guest: Oh… never mind, then.

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