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I’m a receptionist at a youth centre. A common phone call I have to deal with is giving directions to the building and parking. This seemed a typical call but it turned out to be far from it!

Me: Hello this is (youth centre name) This is (my name) speaking. How can I help?

Client: Hello. I’m on my way to your youth centre now, but I’m a bit lost. Please can you give me some directions?

Me: Of course. Do you know the area at all?

Client: a little.

Me: Can you see the (Supermarket?)

Client: I think it’s over there….

Me: Go towards it and at the cross roads turn right. Down on (street name)

Client: I’m just turning around now. I’ve gone past it.

Me: Can you see the pub? It’s on the corner of the street you need to go down.

Client: What’s the pub called?

Me: (name of pub)

Client: I can’t see it….Right, I’m just passing the train station now.

Me: Train station? There’s no train station in (town name) !

Client: (Town name) ?

Me: Yes, this is (Youth centre name) in (town name), Greater Manchester.

Client: Oh, I’m in Birmingham. I think I’ve phoned the wrong youth centre.

I started laughing. He was about 93 miles away from me.

Me: Are you coming to Greater Manchester at all?

Client: Erm, no.

Me: I see. Then you do have the wrong number. Sorry, I can’t really help you.

Client: Of course. Thank you, anyway.

Me: No problem. Good luck. Bye.

I hung up and just sat laughing until my supervisor asked me what had happened. I told her and we spent the rest of the day giggling.

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